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We at Future Artist believe that creating music should be fun. We want to create tools that help you to focus on being a musician and artist. Nothing should stop you to make the music that you like!

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Our Philosophy

We at Future Artist come from a long-standing tradition of German engineering, with personal experiences gained from the automotive, aerospace and medical industry. Our believe in sustainable manufacturing with the utmost quality and precision is deeply ingrained in the way we design our products for musical artists.

Our products are truly Made in Germany - we produce manually in Germany to ensure our quality standards in the different production stages. Our final quality assurance is carried out in the Electoral Palatinate in South Germany according to the quality standard Handmade in Germany.


We exhibit with our updates MIDI LOOPER and our new Product the MIDI PLATFORM at Superbooth 2018 on Booth O201 in Berlin from Mai 5th to 7th.

MIDI LOOPER software update available!
MIDI LOOPER Software Version 2.2, Nov 2017 (1 MB)

  • Upgrade of internal MIDI Clock, i.a. start and stop the clock in synchronized mode
  • One beat loops recordable, brings higher degree of freedom
  • Intact thru from MIDI to USB
Differences of function see corresponding release notes (in zip file)

MIDI LOOPER Software Version 2.1 (0,6 MB)

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20. - 22. April 2017: Superbooth

We proudly present: Our first hardware-product


MIDI Looper

The MIDI LOOPER serves as the automated helping hand for the electric piano, synthesizer or accordion player. It helps to perform live sessions as well as to produce complex melodies.

To play accurately to the beat and to record a perfectly played note sequence is a challenge, not only for beginners but also for professionals. By using the MIDI Looper the musician can record a MIDI not sequence and quantize note patterns dynamically. The high polyphony allows complex melodic and tonal variations by parallel processing of MIDI note and controller data. By using an additional foot switch, the musician can entirely concentrate on playing the instrument with both hands.

MIDI Looper
Made in Germany
  • Recording and simultaneous playback of MIDI music notes as well as MIDI Controller data
  • Visual feedback at recordings and playbacks (display of music notes activities and clock speed)
  • 4 independent operable tracks with individual length (1…64 bars)
  • Record of up to 1000 music notes and 1000 controller values (maximum 250 music notes + 250 controller values per track)
  • 64 times polyphony
  • Quantization of note positions during play is adjustable every time (Steps: 1/96, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, 1/4 beat)
  • Clock speed is adjustable at every time (60…210bpm)
  • Output of MIDI Clock via MIDI OUT and USB as MIDI Clock Master (configuration of time base = "internal“)
  • Can be synchronized to MIDI Clock via MIDI IN and USB as MIDI Clock Slave (configuration of time base = "external MIDI“ or "external USB“)
  • 2 multi colored illuminated buttons
  • 2 encoders with push button
  • optional: foot switch connectable
  • USB (power supply, optional connection to PC)
  • MIDI input (Processing of: note on / off, Midi Control, Midi Clock)
  • MIDI output (output of: note on / off, Midi Control, Midi Clock)
  • 3.5mm jack for foot switch
  • Size: approx 121mm x 66mm x 40mm
  • case powder coated with metallic blue

The MIDI LOOPER is NOW avaliable in stores, e.g. at:

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Use cases

LOOPER + keyboard / electric piano

  • Standalone Operation with internal MIDI Clock
  • USB for power supply



LOOPER + Master Keyboard + Synthesizer

  • Standalone Operation with internal MIDI Clock
  • USB for power supply


  • Master Keyboard MIDI OUT -> LOOPER MIDI IN
  • LOOPER MIDI OUT -> Synthesizers MIDI IN

LOOPER + Master Keyboard + PC as a tone generator

  • Operating as a slave to an external MIDI clock
  • USB class compliant MIDI device


  • Master Keyboard MIDI OUT -> LOOPER MIDI IN


Download MIDI LOOPER Software Version 2.2, Nov 2017 (1 MB)
Download MIDI LOOPER Manual (0,7 MB)

Test Reports

Testbericht Beat„MIDI Looper ist ein innovatives Produkt, um mit Keyboard und Synthesizer auf der Bühne komplexe Rhythmen, Klangverläufe und Melodien aufzunehmen und abzuspielen. […] Die Bedienung ist gut durchdacht […] Unser Urteil: eine Kreativität fördernde Alternative zum Laptop!“ - Beat 11/2016
 Testbericht lesen (PDF)

Testbericht„Der MIDI Looper von Future Artist macht nicht nur verdammt viel Spaß – er eröffnet tatsächlich auch eine spannende Welt […].“ - 11/2016
Testbericht lesen 

Testbericht amazona.deFazit „Sehr gut“ - „Der Future Artist MIDI LOOPER ist mehr ein Instrument als ein Effektgerät. Zählt man mal die Möglichkeiten zusammen, haben wir es hier schon mit einer hinreichend komplexen Anzahl an Möglichkeiten zu tun […]. Das Spielen mit dem Future Artist MIDI LOOPER macht nach der Einarbeitungsphase richtig Laune und ist nicht nur für elektronische Musiker interessant.“ - 2/2017
Testbericht lesen


We proudly present: Our next hardware-product


MIDI Platform

The MIDI PLATFORM is a modular host for MIDI Plugins of various kinds. Up to 7 individual plugins can be used at the same time in direct access.

Signal flow, range of influence (e.g. MIDI channel, note range) and behaviour of plugins can be configured in real time without interruption of note processing. Important parameters for all plugins are adjustbale in direct access. Plugins can be selected from different categories: MELODIC, RHYTHMIC, MODULATION and TOOLS.

Customize your MIDI Platform: Select, configure and store your favourite plugin combinations as presets! The coloured and backlit Display helps you to control the plugins and further features. RGB LEDs visualizes the acitivty of the plugins to keep track of your prerformance all the time..

MIDI Platform
Made in Germany
Plugin Categories


  • Arpeggiator
  • Chord
  • Scale
  • ...


  • Sequencer
  • Looper
  • Delay
  • ...


  • LFO
  • Envelope
  • ...


  • Split Zone
  • Filter
  • Clock Divider
  • ...

Future Artist
Future Expert

We want to help you to get the perfect setup by using the MIDI LOOPER & MIDI PLATFORM. Many musicians do not have the technical background to realize the full and optimal potential of the MIDI LOOPER.

E-mail: info[at]future-artist [dot] com • Phone: +49 178 6743400 facebook